Our Mission



     At Crown Point Baptist Church we seek to develop programs and ministry opportunities to help people just like you discover and develop their new life in Jesus Christ.  Everything we do is designed to assist you in your walk with the Lord.


     Our first concern is that you experience salvation through Christ's saving power. Each of us make many decisions throughout our lives, but you will never make a decision more important than inviting Jesus into your heart as your Savior and Lord. The Bible teaches that this decision alone determines your eternal destiny.


     Soon after becoming a Christian, the selection of a Bible teaching, Christ-centered church home is vital to your relationship with God.  It is essential to find a loving fellowship of God's people with whom you can share your life.


     Crown Point Baptist is that kind of church family. Ultimately, we hope to encourage you and provide you with opportunities to exercise your spiritual gifts and talents as we serve the Lord together. It truly is more blessed to give than to receive!


     Thank you for visiting our web site.  Please accept our warm invitation to come, see, and discover a special congregation of God's people whom we know as Crown Point Baptist Church!


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