Hello everyone, 

We have been anticipating this news for too long. This Sunday, May 24 at 10:15 AM, we will open our doors back up for corporate Worship together. We will not have small groups gather on this Sunday or Wednesday and will evaluate this each week. I hope you are excited and ready to get back together live and we will be live streaming as well for your convenience.


Please read the following before deciding to come and attend our gathering and let’s show great love to each other by following the guidelines set forth below.


We have and will continue to do our best to clean and sanitize our building and common areas but understand that we cannot guarantee anyone that you will be completely isolated from the effects of gathering together in our buildings. With this understanding please see the following steps that we should all consider that will help alleviate the possibility of spreading any unwanted unhealthy germs to each other.


  • Reopen Plan Service Times

    • May 24, 2020: First corporate worship service post-COVID-19 Lockdown

      • Service time will be 10:15 AM in the main worship center. (One Service)

      • There will be no Small Groups for the first weeks and will be evaluated weekly to determine when we open space for small groups.

    • Childcare will be available: pre-school and K-5

    •  This will include social distancing, no hugging, and handshakes.

    • There will be no negative reaction to anyone who is or is not wearing a mask, so we will continue to be a judgment-free zone.

  • Mid-Week Service

    • There will be no mid-week small groups at this time.

    • There will be no mid-week dinner at this time.

  • New Common-Sense Strategies

    • Social distancing- 6 foot

    • Adhere to seating arrangements in the worship center

    • Leave two chairs between yourself and others.

    • No handshakes and hugs

    • No community coffee (Kitchen will be off-limits)

    • No Physical Bulletin

    • No greeting times

    • No passing offering plate (drop boxes will be located by both doors)

    • Mask and Gloves available- Not mandated but optional

    • No children message

    • If you are sick, please stay home and watch online

    • If you think you are vulnerable to getting sick, please use good judgment as to come now or wait a few weeks.

·      Traffic flow for members and guests- Please use social distancing when entering and leaving the building.


  • Communication to members and Guests

    • We are taking every precaution to clean and sanitize the common areas that we all use.

      • Cleaning of classroom, bathrooms, door handles, and areas that are frequently touched.

      • We will do our best to supply masks and gloves to those who want them but not mandate the use of masks or gloves.

      • We have hand sanitizing units in strategic places for all to use.

      • We will have drop boxes for tithes and offerings and will not pass the plates at this time.

      • There will be no physical bulletins at this time and will be directed to the website for information and announcements.

      • Guests are welcome but we are waiting a few weeks before we change our sign.



Thank you and God Bless,


Crown Point Baptist Church

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