Let me start off by saying these are the most bizarre times I have encountered in any kind of leadership capacity. The decisions being made are not only difficult on the life of our church but also many individuals that it adversely affects in different ways. It breaks my heart because we all desire to have fellowship and worship together which is a good thing.


Now is the time for us to come together as one heart and one spirit to do the will of the Father. This last week has weighed heavy on my heart because I know and have talked to so many of you that do not want our church life interrupted by this ongoing chaos in our country. I share the same frustrations and disappointment you feel as a family of faith. Nevertheless, the number one priority for me is the health and safety of the members of CPBC. I am convicted that this is a responsible decision and I feel obligated to make this call to safeguard the well-being of everyone at CPBC. Number two I feel obligated to protect the testimony of our great church in the community. I am convicted that we must maintain a Christlike witness in our community. The following is how we will respond to the mandate by our city leaders to help alleviate the possibility of spreading or contracting COVID-19 (coronavirus) within our faith family. Starting immediately the following will be the temporary schedule for CPBC and please keep in mind this can change quickly depending on the course of this pandemic.


Beginning March 18, 2020:

No Mid-week (Wednesday) services until further notice.

No Connection Groups (Sunday School) until further notice.


Worship Services on Sunday mornings will be broadcast online.


March 21, 2020- Family Day- Postponed

March 26, 2020- Women's Ministry- Cancelled 

March 28, 2020- Mission Serve Day in Valdosta- Postponed

April 3, 2020- Community Easter Egg Hunt- Postponed

April 10, 2020- Good Friday Event- Postponed  


Thank you all for understanding and for your prayers,


Love you all very much,

Pastor Mike

©2014 Crown Point Baptist Church